Halo E-Cigs

How is Halo Cigs doing these days, as new e-cigs join the market and old favorites work to improve their profile? Take a look at this Halo Cigs review and see for yourself that, well, nothing has changed. They are sticking with their tried and tested style (for now) and not adding extra flavors or hardware. You get the feeling Halo is too cool to rush things; as though they are uninterested in the competition. They do their own thing and people like that.

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Halo Cigs E-Liquid Purity

Purity is the e-liquid line at Halo Cigs and stands apart from their two lines of electronic cigarettes. Purity is made in America, USP and GRAS-approved, and so high-quality that e-cig retailers carry it along with other top brands. Being American-made is not what sets it apart: you come across lots of those. Flavor gets people talking.

Halo E Cig Liquid

Just three categories of flavors are available: menthol, tobacco, and gourmet. Most products fall under the tobacco heading, while some of the gourmet flavors are laced with tobacco. You can justly say that tobacco is their focus here, so if you want e-shisha go elsewhere.

Among the tobacco flavors are Long Horn, Freedom Juice, Tribeca, Tiki Juice, and HX3 (plus a whole page of other items). Freedom Juice is mild with a touch of sweetness and close to Cowboy-style cigs. HX3 is dry with menthol, while Long Horn fire-cured tobacco is rich with Cavendish and Cojo, light and close to being a cigar flavor. There are plenty of ways to enjoy tobacco. You might say Halo mixologists are experts in this arena.

Sub-Zero is one of just four basic menthol products; a concentrated and gently sweet offering. Gourmet selections include Malibu, Belgian Cocoa, Shamrock, and Kringle’s Curse featuring tobacco and peppermint for an intense menthol experience. Twisted Java is espresso with peppermint, caramel, and macadamia. That last one is like nothing you have ever seen anywhere else. Although this is high-end e-liquid, watch for sales like the spring discount or any seasonal coupon code.

G6 Starter Kits by Halo Cigs

A G6 looks like its own e-cig despite sharing proportions with cigarettes, but it is not like analogs or V2 Cigs or South Beach Smoke. Halo is stylish for the confident ex-smoker who is willing to declare his change of allegiance. There is one kit, but 9 color choices including Titanium and Princess Pink. The Titanium battery features a glowing LED light.

Halo G6 E Cig Kit

If you select pre-filled cartomizers, they will come in black, but select blanks and choose any one of 10 shades including Titanium, Demon Red, and Emerald Green. Mix Princess Pink with Titanium or green if you want. Low-resistance cartomizers are also on the list. If you order pre-filled cartomizers and receive a shade you dislike, mix it up with a later order of batteries or blanks.

Battery size and operation are a matter of choice, one the early vaper might not understand yet. It doesn’t take long to get used to the nuances of vaping an automatic e-cig, where the atomizer is ready to heat your liquid at all times. You just puff, but it can take a few short draws to experience the vapor and throat hit you want. A manual battery takes a short time to get used to. Press the button, heat your atomizer then puff on a ready supply of vapor. With two batteries in the affordable $44.99 starter kit (with USB and wall chargers), you can buy one of each and give them both a try. A case is also included.

Triton Starter for $64.99

The next selection in starter kits, like the G6, comes in one configuration but many colors: 11 to be precise. A cone, battery, and crystal clear tank all match. Select two batteries of 400mAh or 650mAh (both manual) or one of each. The longer battery holds your charge for several hours, but is longer and heavier too.

Halo Triton Tank Kit

A cone, for those who are not familiar with it, unifies the appearance of an e-cig in case you are using a battery and tank that do not match or you try to thread another brand of tank onto the Halo battery (or Halo tank onto another company’s battery) and they work but do not look right together. A cone covers these aesthetic flaws.

The Triton is an eGo e-cig, the sort designed to join tanks or clearomizers with high-powered batteries. Even the 400mAh version is twice as powerful as a G6 battery, which has been known to lose its power a touch too easily by customer standards.


Halo pre-filled cartomizers are available for separate purchase, but it will not take long before you realize they cost a lot more than e-liquid, even if they are cheaper than cigarettes. You have two choices regarding blanks when it comes to your G6. Refilling a blank cartomizer is tricky and requires much patience; it’s small and fiddly.

You could switch to G6 mini tanks instead. They hold more juice and are easier to fill. Also, when you buy blanks, you get to select from a longer list of flavors as opposed to the 9 pre-filled products.

Halo G6 Tanks

Chargers are sold separately as are new batteries, cases, and necklaces for e-cig users. These are alternatives to lanyards and feature a holder at the end where a charm or pendant would be. Nettle and silk are two choices of e-cig necklace material at Halo.