Green Smoke

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A Green Smoke Overview: Not Just Blowing Smoke

They aren’t just tooting their own horn at Green Smoke when they say their products are good value and excellent quality. Customers say as much too, but Green Smoke goes the extra mile to make sure you know reviews on their web page come from real customers too.

You’ve heard about all the review scams: companies paying for positive reviews to go onto their websites and also for negative ones they can send in to other sites. Green Smoke only publishes reviews by verified customers: people who genuinely used their products and are stating their personal opinions. Most of the time, they hold Green Smoke in high esteem.

What Do People Say?

What exactly are customers saying at Green Smoke? A lot of comments refer to the way that e cigs gave them the freedom to distance themselves from cigarettes without experiencing discomfort. Green Smoke made it easy. Some reviews compare Green Smoke to other brands (named or not), elevating it above the others. While reading comments, one might get the impression that customers are more impressed with the notion of e cigarettes than with Green Smoke in particular, especially if they do not appear to have anything to compare Green Smoke with.

Yet, several people have commented on how yummy the flavors are and how fresh. Green Smoke is proud to offer the freshest cartomizers around, and it’s no surprise that customers agree: the liquid tastes good and fresh.

Daily Offers at Green Smoke

On the top of their home page several “calendars” are lined up, one for each business day. From Monday to Friday, Green Smoke reveals a daily deal. This deal is only applicable on that day, so you have to have good timing to receive the deal you want. When I visited, Green Smoke was giving away 2 free packages with the purchase of 8 cartomizer packets. This is also where I learned that Green Smoke’s customer service department has won awards and that the business has sold close to 29 million products since first launching the brand.

Store Locator

Shopping online is easy, cheap, and convenient with free shipping going both ways. You don’t have to place a minimum order to receive tariff-free shipping. Still, shopping in person gives would-be clients the opportunity to pick up an e cig, hold it in her hand, and experience how truly remarkable an electronic cigarette can be. It’s about the right size to mimic a cigarette. The look and feel of an e cig is surprisingly comfortable and familiar. An LED light at the tip is attractive and could fool onlookers from a distance (not that you want to be accused of really smoking around people).

Type the name of a city into the store locator and this will show you where the nearest location is. I was looking for destinations on the Pacific Coast and found them in the south of Washington State and near Portland, Oregon.

Green Smoke Flavors

If clients have a bone to pick with Green Smoke, it could be the lack of flavor options. They still carry eight, three of which are tobacco. As a smoker, you are going to appreciate the assortment of tobacco varieties compared to what many companies provide. You usually get one of each, but Green Smoke knows that smokers are drawn to a variety of tobacco styles.

Absolute is like Burley tobacco, dry and woody. Red Label emulates flue-cured Virginia tobacco. Those with a taste for Oriental types like Camels or even more exotic flavors will like Gold: Oriental with Virginia and Burley flavors. The rest are standards like vanilla and coffee, but better because, as noted above, they are fresher. It is true that a lot of companies store flavors in large quantities to save money and sell them for less but hold onto them for too long so they are no longer fresh when you get them. They are also sealed to minimum standards, not triple-sealed like Green Smoke cartomizers.

Cartomizers recently came down in price too. From $17 for 5, they fell to $13: a big drop, and still high, but now more reasonable considering how good they taste.

Green Smoke lists their ingredients as propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine, and artificial and natural flavors. They recommend storing unopened cartridges in the refrigerator so they last up to 18 months.

Green Smoke Review: Starter Kits

Choose a starter kit when you first decide to vape and you will save yourself a lot of hassle, not to mention money. A bundle contains at least a USB charger and one battery plus two cartridges: that’s the $18.49 express kit. After that come kits containing 2 or more batteries. The highest-priced kit is for Love Birds featuring 4 batteries, 20 cartomizers, two of each charger, and costing $129.60. The best value is a Pro Kit for $74.05, or at least it’s the biggest seller. This one features 3 batteries, 10 cartomizers, a USB charger, AC adapter, car charger, and a carry case.

The weirdest kit is their Ultimate for $92.56. Green Smoke does well with the others listed above and their $48.49 two-battery package is good value, but the Ultimate is a wasted opportunity. Why they chose to bundle together two cases (one hard, one soft), 2 each of the chargers, and just 10 cartomizers (plus 4 batteries) is a hard one to fathom. They could have simply replaced one case with a package of cartomizers and provided one each of the chargers, changing the price along the way, but customers are grown-ups so they can make their own minds up.


I have always loved this about Green Smoke: their recycling program. If you save up 80 empty cartomizers and phone customer service, they tell you how to send them back without paying shipping. You also receive loyalty points: enough to buy more cartomizers. This is an excellent initiative and a proactive answer to questions about e-waste.